The Millar Instruments PCU-2000 Pressure Control Unit is a two-channel, isolated amplifier for connecting one or two Millar catheter mounted pressure sensors to a patient monitor.  It has a locking potentiometer knob to adjust the sensor zero offset and has pushbuttons for generating 25mmHg and 100mmHg pressure calibration signals.  It has a bargraph to display  pressure levels.  The module is line powered from an external medcal grade power supply.  The unit has been cleared by the FDA and has the CE mark.

Cooper Consulting Service did a turnkey design for this product, taking it from concept to production.  CCS worked with Millar Instruments technical and marketing staff to develop the requirements for the product then designed the circutry and packaging for the unit.  CCS performed the verification testing and wrote the reports for the design history file to support the FDA submission.  CCS designed the test fixtures and wrote the production test procedures.  CCS has provided ongoing support for production and field use of the product.