CCS is an engineering services group with a focus on medical device design

Cooper Consulting Service (CCS) has a broad range of engineering capabilities.  We have designed numerous medical devices, ranging from teaching products to critical care systems.  Our services are tailored to client needs and can range from turn-key product design to supporting a specific aspect of design or test.  Working with CCS puts 100+ years of engineering experience on your team!

CCS is committed to our customer’s success and has worked with companies large and small, from all over the world.  Our team wants to help you bring your product from concept to commercial success!

  • E-scope

    The Cardionics E-Scope electronic stethoscope amplifies heart, breath, bruit, bowel or Korotkoff sounds up to 30 times louder than normal acoustic stethoscopes.  For improved listening, it has controls for volume up-down and heart-breath sounds frequency selection.  The E-Scope automatically shuts off after 90 seconds and restarts with the touch of a button to the same volume setting.  It has […]

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  • Life Sync

    The LifeSync System was introduced in 2004 as the first wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) data communication system appropriate for use in high acuity settings.  It is comprised of a lead wire disposable and the electronic modules–the patient transceiver (PT) and the monitor transceiver (MT).  The patient lead wire disposable connects to standard ECG electrodes.  The PT plugs into […]

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  • Medical Cart

    Cooper Consulting Service worked with UTMB biomedical scientists to design and develop a medical cart and patient module for measuring blood parameters noninvasively in traumatic brain injury patients. CCS retained an industrial design firm to design a custom cart, which houses experimental measurement equipment and provides easy access to internal components for calibration and modifications […]

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    utmb cart
  • MPVS Ultra

    The Millar Instruments MPVS Ultra Pressure Volume System measures pressures, impedances and ECG from an intracardiac catheter. It converts these signals to diagnostic pressure volume (PV) loop data and other hemodynamic parameters that are used by researchers for drug development or for assessment of cardiovascular functions. It has programmable measurement features that allow it to […]

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  • Omni-DL Acute Dialysis System

    The Transvivo Omni-DL Acute Dialysis System delivers continuous renal replacement therapies (CRRT) in a hospital ICU to congestive heart failure patients that have severe fluid overload and cardiac instability. The Omni-DL operation is controlled by a single board computer (SBC) and provides operator interface through a touchscreen LCD panel. The SBC interfaces to the system […]

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  • SAM – Student Ausculation Manikin

    The Cardionics SAM II Student Ausculation Manikin is used for teaching ausculation of heart, lung and bowel sounds and for teaching palpitation of the carotid pulse.   It has a life sized manikin torso with 15 speakers at anatomical locations for (4) heart, (8) breath, (2) bowel and bruit sounds and has a solenoid mounted in the neck for […]

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  • Design and Development

    Developing devices is our specialty and primary business. We can help you take your project all the way from idea to released product, or help at any stage in between.

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  • Test and Evaluation

    Testing should be both thorough and thoughtful. Catching errors and bugs early saves money and hassle down the road, and goes hand in hand with a quality product.

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  • Support and Regulatory Considerations

    We have a deep knowledge of what it takes to set up a successful documentation system and how to design for compliance with both broadly applied compliance measures, as well as medical industry specific standards.

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