Life Sync


The LifeSync System was introduced in 2004 as the first wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) data communication system appropriate for use in high acuity settings.  It is comprised of a lead wire disposable and the electronic modules–the patient transceiver (PT) and the monitor transceiver (MT).  The patient lead wire disposable connects to standard ECG electrodes.  The PT plugs into the patient lead wire disposable and is worn in an armband.  The PT transmits ECG and respiration data to the MT which is mounted on the patient monitor and is line or battery powered.  The MT connects to lead wires from virtually any patient monitor.  The PT and MT are synched together using a data key to allow several systems to work in the same area.  The PT is powered from a rechargeable battery which is charged in the MT.  The system provides 3-Lead ECG monitoring in ICUs and 12 Lead diagnostic ECG monitoring during stress tests.  The system has won several awards for design innovation, such as the Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) magazine 2005 Medical Design Excellence Award.

Cooper Consulting Service designed and developed the the patient interface circuitry for the ECG and respiration measurement in the PT and the monitor interface circuitry in the MT.  CCS designed and developed the defibrillation protection circuitry and the high voltage protection module to fit within a the small PT volume.  CCS participated in the development of the user requirements and helped to evaluate the EMC characteristics of the patient lead wire.  CCS developed the concept for transfer of the ECG electrode voltages from the patient to the monitor and for transfer of the respiration impedance to the monitor electrodes in the MT.